Beginning immediately after you made a purchase and successfully completed the check-out process, SilverAngel will advise you of the status of your order via Email.


1st Email: Order confirmation request (Auto)


Schedule: immediately after successful order placement.
Purpose: legally required security measure.


Please reply to this Email to confirm your purchase - SilverAngel will not process orders which were not confirmed by Email.


2nd Email: Payment received & Parcel shipped


Schedule: immediately after order shipment.
Purpose: advice of payment details, shipment details and provision of invoice.


Special Emails:


SilverAngel may also contact you in special situations, such as:

- More information is required in order for us to process your order.
- Your credit card decline or when we are unable to complete your order on time.


Please reply to our Emails at your earliest convenience to allow prompt service by SilverAngel.


Feel Free To Contact Us - We are here to service you!

If you have any questions - just email us and we’ll get back to you asap with the information you need, (usually within the same business day but never later then the next business day).